In 2016, the Garden is  in its sixth season and is now managed by a steering committee comprised of George Marlin, Ursula Cruzalegui and plot renters.  All are volunteers.  Volunteers also host educational activities at the Garden; provide educational information to plot renters both on site and by request, send out emails with educational information about events in individual plots and are frequently on-site to assist gardeners.  The Garden is conceptualized as a space that beginning gardeners can learn to garden. although experienced gardeners are welcome, as well.,  

In the fall of 2010, construction of the expanded Garden began.  Construction was performed entirely on a volunteer basis, and was completed in May of 2011.

Currently the Idaho Springs Community Garden provides 34 5'X10' rentable plots available to residents of Clear Creek County or individuals who are regular participants in the community.  Two are raised beds which are designed within ADA guidelines to provide access to seniors or the disabled.  Three 3'X15' plots are intended for educational use by the Kids Day Program.  The Garden includes a shaded communal area that is used for education, a tool shed, tools for Garden users, an automatic irrigation system and protection from wildlife.

They began with a pilot plot.  Start small, while thinking big.

In June of 2010, most people driving through Idaho Springs saw a weed infested, useless piece of land at 2225 Miner Street.  The co-founders of Scraps-to-Soil: Cameron Marlin, Ursula Cruzalegui, and George Marlin saw a Garden.