Hey Neighbor,

Everyone is asking about the community garden. Is it coming back? Where is the new spot? We
understand the excitement because it was voted one of the most popular amenities in the area!

We here at Scraps-to-Soil have been working diligently to ensure the

community garden is rebuilt, better than ever. We’ve raised over half the

funding we need to build the garden, some of it coming from a strong

partnership with the City of Idaho Springs. We need your help to get the

rest of the way there! Donate now to rebuild the community garden!

When Brandi drove through Idaho Springs and saw the community garden,

she knew she wanted to live here. She has been a community gardener

since then, volunteering in our community, started her own small business,

and will soon be the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

Alongside Brandi, Sue, a long-time local who lives in the mountains, was

finally able to grow a big vegetable garden, instead of just a few pots on

her deck. Community gardens attract talented people and invigorate

long-time residents. We can’t wait to get our hands back in the dirt with you,

but we need your help. Give now to make the community garden a reality!

We know you get a lot of requests this time of year, but this one is special. This is a one-time
request to build the community garden. To actually build the structure for the garden, which will
last for generations to come. By giving to the community garden now, you are putting your
community first and building an asset that will benefit our community for years. Will you give to
rebuild the community garden now?

With gratitude,

Ursula Cruzalegui, Steven Glitzer, Sarah Grundemann, George Marlin, Margie Marlin,

Brandon McCarthy, Brandi Murphy, Cris Slaymaker & Nancy Spletzer

Board of Directors

P.S. Donate $250 or more to rebuild the Idaho Springs Community Garden and your name will be displayed, permanently, in the garden!

We are pleased to announce that Scraps-to-Soil has received 501(c)3 status. 
All donations are now tax deductible!  Thank you for your past and future support.