Plans to rebuild the community garden...

We are pleased to announce that Scraps-to-Soil has received 501(c)3 status.  All donations are now tax deductible!  Thank you for your past and future support.


WE BELIEVE...... inspiring cooperative action to achieve a lifestyle that is more fulfilling, physically and mentally healthy, and economically secure for the individual and the collective; targeting the communities' youth, retirees and low income families in our programs; reducing the burdens of government by providing outreach and support to improve the quality of life for community members; cooperating with other non-profits that have similar charitable, educational or scientific purposes. enhancing the image of the community to locals and visitors; researching innovative social and technical solutions to the sustainability issues we face; lessening neighborhood tensions by providing opportunities for community engagement and enrichment;

...that the world can be a better place, and that we have much to contribute to this, our small corner of it, through our efforts to provide education about sustainability through composting and gardening... encouraging every individual to get involved in improving our community.


Scraps-to-Soil promotes re-localization by encouraging composting, and is committed to educating the public about sustainability, resilience, and healthy decision making.

To empower individuals to work together in the pursuit of a lifestyle that is fulfilling, healthy and sustainable.


Scraps-to-Soil built and manages the Idaho Springs Community Garden, and believes the best food is that which is grown locally and organically.


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Everyone is asking about the community garden. Is it coming back? Where is the new spot? We understand the excitement because it was voted one of the most popular amenities in the area! To see what we have planned for the garden and to help us build it...